Selling Your Home? Increase Buyer Interest Using These 4 Tips

Posted on: 20 April 2017

If you're like most people who are preparing to sell their home, you are likely looking for ways to increase buyer interest so it doesn't stay on the market long. With the help of the following tips and tricks, the task of getting your home quickly sold should be pretty easy and stress-free:

Schedule a Termite Inspection

Many potential buyers may request a completed inspection report for wood-boring insects such as termites to ensure that their investment doesn't end up falling apart as the years pass or that there will be a time-consuming fight on their hands to keep the insects away. Your home should be inspected for accessible areas and perceived chance of contamination and evidence of treatments in prior years—it should also recommend any termite elimination treatments needed now and in the future.  

Once completed, the official Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report can be presented to potential buyers before they even request it, which will save time and is sure to impress those who are seriously interested in purchasing your home.

Expand Your Square Footage

To attract potential buyers with big families, those who will be living with roommates, and those who want the opportunity to grow their households as time goes on by expanding your home's overall square footage somehow. You don't have to invest in expensive renovations to create a new room in your home or make its general size seem bigger. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Insulate the attic and turn it into a spare bedroom.
  • Seal the garage door and create a playroom inside the space.
  • Turn a porch or patio into a sun room by enclosing it with an awning ceiling and screen walls.
  • Create a home office inside a spacious walk-in-closet.

Furnish your expanded spaces sparingly so potential buyers can imagine using the areas in their own unique ways if they end up becoming the new owners.

Plant Some Trees in the Yard

Not only will landscaping your property with a couple of new trees increase its value by up to 20 percent, but it will enhance curb appeal which will be apparent to potential buyers when they pull up to take a tour. And the extra trees you introduce will also help improve your home's overall energy efficiency, which is something potential buyers can appreciate as they can expect to save money on power as time goes on. Furthermore, potential buyers can expect the trees to provide them with a little extra privacy from the road and passersby.

Consider planting deciduous trees, which are full of beautiful leaves during the summer months and will work to shade your home from the sun's heat. In the winter, these types of trees lose their leaves so the sun can heat things up and the HVAC system doesn't have to work so hard. Fruit trees, such as citrus and cherry, are also a great option because they'll provide the future owners with some free food throughout the year while still providing your home with some protection from the elements.

Offer Vouchers for Future Maintenance

Another great way to increase buyer interest is to offer a few vouchers along with the sale that will help cover future maintenance costs in the coming years. Consider providing vouchers for free termite and pest exterminations good for the first year or two of ownership, along with $100 vouchers for things like a roof inspection, a plumbing and septic inspection, and window maintenance that can be used toward the purchase of said services when they're needed in the coming years.

Potential buyers will see the benefit in saving money on future maintenance and you'll give the impression that you feel confident enough in the home's condition to help ensure its continued prosperity.