Bed Bugs, Roaches, And Racoons: 3 Pests To Deal With In Your New Brooklyn Brownstone

Posted on: 16 May 2017

If you have just moved into a brownstone in Brooklyn, then you are probably super excited. It's a dream of many New Yorker's to get to live in one of these historic homes. However, just because they are historic and well made, it doesn't mean that a brownstone doesn't have the normal pests that plague other New York houses and apartments. So, you're going to have to deal with things such as roaches and bed bugs. But, because you are now in a house and not living in a nice apartment building, you will also have to deal with raccoons, something that people who live in high rise apartment buildings don't have to deal with. Here's a breakdown on how to handle these pests.

Bed Bugs

You might think that bed bugs are only a problem in apartment buildings, but that's far from the case. Your Brownstone can very possibly have an infestation of bed bugs. At one time, the Brownstone might have been segmented into several individual housing units, so there could have been a lot of moving in and out of bedding, thereby leading to the bugs gaining entrance. Also, don't forget that when you move your belongs from your current place, you will be using a moving truck that might very well have bed bugs.

You should not attempt to deal with an infestation of bed bugs yourself, it's simply not possible. Even if you use one of those fog sprays or mist bombs, you are not going to get all of the bed bugs. Many of the bed bugs hide in the cracks in the walls, or other areas where they can avoid the poison. The solution is to bring in a bed bug exterminator who can ferret them out and knows where to spray the bed bug treatment (inside wall and door trim, between floorboards, inside the wall).


If you're bringing in a bed bug expert, you can also have them administer poison for the roaches. While there are plenty of roach sprays on the market, many of them are not sufficient at getting at the roach nests that exist behind the walls, or underneath built in cupboards and cabinets. Since you're going to be getting the bed bug spray done, you might as well get the roach spray done at the same time.


This is going to be a new problem if you're new to a house living. Raccoons attack your garbage, and might even climb up onto your porch. The solution is to get mint scented garbage bags. These are used all over the city, even by the Parks Department. They mask the smell of garbage (namely the food smell, which draws the raccoons to your place). You don't want to lay poisons, as it's against the law. What you can do if the scented bags don't work is to contact the city animal control office and ask them for a reference and put you in touch a racoon trapper who can come and use a non-lethal trap and remove the racoon.