Visiting Your Elderly Mom This Season? 3 Signs Her House Has A Rodent Problem

Posted on: 27 September 2017

You look forward to visiting your mom every season, and part of your visit always includes checking on things around her house to see if any maintenance is needed. This year, you are concerned about pests since you know that her house is getting older, and rodents only need a small crack to get in and start setting up their nests. This year, keep an eye out for these signs that your mom's house has a rodent problem so that you can promptly arrange for pest control services.

Listen for Strange Sounds

Although a single tiny mouse might not make too much noise, large rats or an extensive infestation will begin to make obvious sounds. Turn off any noise-making appliances such as the television and listen for sounds that do not have an obvious cause. For example, you should be concerned if you hear rustling sounds coming from the kitchen cabinets. Rodents often invade the walls and attic, so listen for movement in these areas along with chewing or scratching sounds.

Look for Damage on the Exterior Walls

Rodents must have a way to get into your mom's house, and you can sometimes find the entry point of any infestation by doing an inspection of the exterior walls and roof. Look for small holes in the siding or along the wooden parts of the roof. Large rats and squirrels may also leave smudge marks that look like greasy stains around these holes. If you do find places that could be possible entry points, then arrange for a pest specialist to check for an infestation before you have the holes repaired.

Check for Droppings

Pests leave excrement behind that is a sure sign of an infestation. Check inside your mom's pantry and cabinets for rodent droppings that look like small brown or black balls or smudge marks. These are often found in the back near the corners of shelves. Keep in mind that other pests may leave droppings as well, but pest control specialists can tell you for sure if it was caused by rodents when you schedule a professional inspection.

It is always better to identify a rodent problem early on when there are less wild animals roaming around your mom's house. If you do notice signs of a rodent problem, then arrange for professional pest control services right away that can eliminate the current infestation while showing you ways to help your mom avoid a second one. Check out sites like to get more information.