Got Bugs On Your Bedpost? Why They May Not Be Bed Bugs

Posted on: 22 February 2018

Bed bugs on bedposts sounds like some creepy horror flick, does it not? Some sort of sci-fi story about bloodsucking alien bugs hanging out over your head in your bed at night would be the plot. Yet, if you have some bugs you cannot identify on your bedposts, it may not actually be bed bugs. Before you reach for the phone to call bed bug control services, you should try to identify what it is that you do have.

Bed Bugs, or Something Else

Bed bugs are small, with round, shield-shaped bodies. They are semi-transparent and sort of brown in color. They are also very tiny. In a way, they look like their much lighter-colored aphid cousins. If the females have recently taken a blood meal (i.e., from you!), their semi-transparent bodies will appear blood red. If you have darker stain on wooden bed posts, you may barely see these tiny bugs as they move. They are roughly the size of a head of a dressmaker's pin and they do not move very quickly.


Termites love wood. It stands to reason that if you have something small and creepy-crawly on your bedposts, there is a good chance it could be termites rather than bed bugs. Of course, termites are quite a bit larger than bedbugs, and termites resemble ants, just a little bit. If you search your wooden headboard and foot board of your bed, and spot some chewed-up sawdust-like areas, these pale colored pests are to blame. As for anything else that is causing you to itch at night, you might want to check your furry friends to see if they are bringing a flea hotel into bed with you.


If you have pets that go outdoors, then maybe the bugs you are spotting are fleas. Dogs can shake off fleas, and fleas can jump high. It is possible for fleas to land or jump onto bedposts if they are exploring for new hosts. The way you can tell a flea apart from the other aforementioned pests is that fleas will be larger than bed bugs, but smaller than termites. Additionally, fleas are black, move quickly, and will jump if you touch them with the tip of a pencil or pen. 

Removing the Pests

Regardless of what you have on the bedposts or in your bed, you are going to want to get rid of them. Call a pest control expert that can kill all of the above. Then it does not really matter what is plaguing you, because the pest control expert killed them all.

Contact a company, like American Pest Professionals, for more help.