Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Home With These 2 Simple Tips

Posted on: 29 March 2018

If mosquitoes take over your home every summer, check the inside of your house for standing water. Although mosquitoes rely on water and moist conditions to lay their eggs, the pests don't need large puddles or containers of standing water to do so. As long as there's a source of water nearby, mosquitoes can use it to their advantage. The two simple tips below can help you control the mosquitoes in your home this season.

Check Your Home for Small Sources of Standing Water 

The leaking plumbing pipes and even potted plants in your home are perfect sources of water for mosquitoes. The pests use these sources of water to lay large clutches of eggs. It generally doesn't take long for the eggs to hatch in your home. 

Take a walk around your home and look for anything that could harbor or release water, including leaky plumbing fixtures. You want to check the cabinets below your sinks and the flooring around your toilet as well. Pipes can slowly leak water if they crack or loosen up at the joints. If you find moisture and/or problems in these places, take care of them immediately.

You also want to replace the soil in your potted houseplants and dry up any water you find around them. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in the saucers placed beneath your potted plants, so be sure clean them as well. 

If you still have a mosquito problem this summer, contact a professional pest control contractor right away. 

Obtain Mosquito Control Services

If there's a problem outside the home, mosquitoes can still become a big problem for you. You might have large potting plants on your porch or around your doors and windows that attract pests. Sometimes, soil can be too moist and attract mosquitoes. A pest control expert can walk around your property and solve these issues properly.

In addition, pest control may offer products that kill mosquito eggs and larvae in the soil. The products may destroy the eggs before they have a chance to hatch. Some products may make the soil unappealing to adult mosquitoes. 

A number of pest control contractors place special barriers around their customers' homes. The barriers may contain chemical and non-chemical ingredients that deter or block mosquitoes. A contractor can let you know if they offer this type of mosquito control product when they visit your home.

You can find the help you need by contacting a pest control company today.