How You Can Get Rid Of Roaches With The Help Of A Pest Control Service

Posted on: 22 January 2019

Roaches usually come out at night to look for food, so you may not see any during the day unless the infestation is a large one. If they wait until activity in your house dies down, then you may not even know your kitchen is crawling with roaches while you sleep. This allows their numbers to grow, and before long, you have a serious roach problem. Since roaches can spread diseases by walking over your kitchen, dishes, and food, you want to get rid of them right away. Calling in a pest control service, like Quality Pest Control, is the most effective, safest, and quickest way to eliminate cockroaches. Here are some methods an exterminator may use and things you can do to help.

Visible Roaches Might Be Vacuumed

Your home can be invaded by different kinds of roaches. Some enter your home in boxes and other things you bring home from elsewhere. Others crawl inside from the outdoors. Most all of the roaches like to live in wood, paper, or cardboard, so the kitchen is a perfect place with food nearby and wood cabinets to hide in. When roaches find a nice hiding place such as the cabinet under the sink that's cluttered, damp, and quiet, they leave a scent that attracts other roaches. When many roaches gather in one place, it's often easy to eliminate several of them at once with a vacuum cleaner wand. If your infestation is bad, the pest control company may use a vacuum to suck roaches out of cabinets, from behind pictures, and from under the refrigerator.

Pesticide And Traps Work For The Long Term

The pest control company will probably apply pesticides or use traps to catch roaches. It helps if you clear up clutter first and empty your cabinets. This reduces the places roaches can hide, and if their food is cleaned up, they'll be more likely to take the poison bait or wander into the traps in search of food. You may need a couple of treatments to get rid of roaches, and if you want to make sure they stay away, you may want to consider having routine pest control treatments quarterly or as often as the company suggests.

Plugging Gaps Under The Door Keeps Roaches Outside

It's probably not possible to keep from packing home a roach now and then. They hide under flaps of boxes and sacks, so you don't know they're even there. However, you can take steps to keep roaches that live outdoors from coming inside your home. Places they're likely to enter are through the gap under your door and through gaps in windows. By sealing these, you can make it more difficult for roaches to find a way inside your house and into your kitchen.