Learn About Pest Concerns And Pest Control

Posted on: 26 June 2019

Learning about the different ways you can end up with a pest-infested home is crucial if you are going to be in the best position possible to keep your home free of infestations. Here are some different ways pests can come into your home.

Holes, cracks, crevices

Pests of different sizes can come into your home using holes, cracks, and crevices of different sizes. Ants only need the smallest entryway to fit through, so you have to be extremely thorough when you are sealing up all the holes and cracks you can find. Mice and rats need entrances that are slightly larger, but they can still fit through very small spaces.

Used items

When you bring things into your home that you got from a garage sale or even from a used goods store, you have to be cautious. Roaches can hide in the cracks of furniture and they can even live and breed inside electronic components. Not only will this likely lead to a home infestation, but it is also an electrical fire hazard because they can short out the electrical component and cause a fire. Bed bugs, spiders, mice, and many other types of pests can also hitchhike into your home on used items.

Store-bought items

You may think that buying brand-new items would prevent the possibility of bringing pests into your home. While there is much less of a chance that new items will have pests, it is still very possible. This is why it is a good habit to always check your new items too. If you buy something that needs to be assembled, you should always check the hard-to-see areas well to be sure you don't get bitten by something. Be aware that even packaged foods can transport pests into your home.

Damaged screens

Opening your windows to let the fresh air inside can be great on nice days. However, when you have damaged or ill-fitting screens in the windows, all kinds of pests can come in.


Should you begin seeing pests in or around your home, have pest control come out as soon as you can. However, you should really be sure you have a service set up with a pest control company, so they will come out on a regular basis. This is one of the best ways that you are going to be able to prevent an infestation in your home to begin with.

For more information, contact a pest control company.