Top Reasons to Opt for a Termite Bait System

Posted on: 17 November 2020

No matter where you live, termites are something that you should be concerned about. Termites are found across the country, so it is important to have a plan to keep termites under control so they do not cause extensive damage to your property. Controlling termites is not a DIY project that a homeowner can do on their own—it is important to hire an experienced pest control company. When it comes to termite control, you will need to decide between having liquid pesticide applied to the soil or having termite bait systems installed. Between the two, termite bait systems have a lot of benefits, such as:

1. You'll Know if You Have Termites on Your Property

While liquid pesticides designed to kill termites can be quite effective, you will have no way of knowing whether or not you actually have termites on your property. When you have a termite bait system installed, your pest control company will be able to check it to see if termites are present. Knowing whether or not termites are present can make it easier for your pest control company to design a targeted treatment to help ensure that termites do not damage your home.

2. It Can Kill the Colony Off

Termites tend to die quickly when exposed to liquid pesticide that is applied to soil. However, that doesn't mean that the liquid pesticide will kill the entire colony. Instead, termites will avoid the area where the liquid pesticide was applied, but they will attempt to find other safer routes into your home. A termite bait system is different since the bait inside it is highly toxic to termites. As the termites bring the bait back to their nests, the insecticide in the bait will be consumed by the whole colony. Since the insecticide used in termite bait systems severely interrupts how termites grow and develop, the entire colony will eventually die off. 

3. It's Simple to Maintain

When you decide that you would like a termite bait system to help control and prevent termites, it will be quickly installed by your pest control company. Shortly after it is installed, it will be checked to determine if there is an active termite infestation on your property. After that, you can count on the termite bait system to provide a safe and effective level of protection with virtually no maintenance. All you will have to do is contact your pest control company to replenish the bait in the system annually.