What You Should Do To Protect Your Home From Fall Pests

Posted on: 9 September 2021

In the fall, pests will begin to figure out what they need to do for the upcoming winter months. Most pests will hibernate and gather enough food to get through winter, but there are a few pests that would rather come into your home to stay safe in the winter. These are the pests you need to protect against because they will give you the most trouble. To help protect against these fall pests, there are a number of things you can do. Read on for helpful information.

Reinforce Seals

Reinforce the seals around your home's windows and doors to help keep pests from finding a way in through cracks in your seals. Caulk around your windows and doors, and remove the weather stripping to add new weather stripping. This can protect your home against the cold as well. Caulk both the outside and the inside. If you can feel a draft, then tiny pests can make their way inside easily, so you need to check your work. You need to also replace the seals on your windows and doors in your garage as well.

Remove Old Landscaping

Your dead landscaping should be removed completely. Trim down plants and flowers, and remove piles of leaves from around your home that may have built up in your flower beds. These are the perfect spot for pests to nest in before they find their way into your home. Clean out gardens as well, and do not allow your old plants to stay in the garden because pests can feed off of these old, harvested plants as well.

Put Away Exterior Furniture

Store away or cover your exterior furniture to keep pests out, and put away your cushions in a sealed container or bring them indoors for the winter. These exterior furnishings are just the thing that pests such as mice would love to live in. They would eat their way into a cushion and nest in them. Other pests can use your exterior furniture for cover from the harsh fall and winter elements, so you should keep them covered or put them away.

Your home should be your sanctuary and escape from the cold months ahead, not for some pests. Protect your home this fall against these pests. Hire a pest control service for help, and discuss with your pest control service other things you should be doing to protect your home.