Rodent Control Tactics You Can Try On Your Own

Posted on: 18 October 2021

If you have a mouse or rat problem going on in your household, you are likely to want to find a way to rid your structure of these pests as soon as possible. Most people rely on pest control services to aid with the eradication of rodents. If you need to wait for service, try some of the following steps to help reduce rodent numbers until a professional can assess the situation for you.

Listen For Movement In Walls And Search For Damaged Areas

Evaluate the interior of your home by going room to room, placing your ear upon each wall within them, and listening for sounds of movement. This will help you pinpoint areas where rodents are nesting. You may need to conduct this experiment during the nighttime hours, as rodents are usually more active after the sun goes down. When you determine areas where potential infestations are present, check walls for damaged portions. These need to be patched so rodents are unable to get into your home's interior. You can also repair damage to your outdoor siding to keep additional rodents from making their way to the interior of your home.

Conduct Full Cleaning Sessions On A Routine Basis

Rodents will remain in areas where they are able to access food without difficulty. Households are great target areas, as families tend to leave behind crumbs on floors and or wipe crumbs off countertops after every meal preparation session. It is of the utmost importance to keep on top of your cleaning regimen to remove food particles and the odors they leave behind. This will cause rodents to move on to other locations in search of food.

Eliminate Areas Of Interest From Your Property

Rodents usually start their invasion of a home by nesting outdoors at a location near the structure. When they search for food or warmth, they tend to make their way to buildings near their nesting areas. Woodpiles, detached garages, and sheds are prime nesting locations, as they provide warmth and security. Move woodpiles far enough away from your home that they are not seen from the structure. Grab just enough wood to heat your home when needed. Secure small buildings by locking them, using sealant around windows and doors, and making any necessary repairs to broken rooftops or siding. Make sure to evaluate the condition of these structures often to ensure rodents have not taken up residence inside of them.

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