Termites Taking Control Of Your Home? How To Take Back Control

Posted on: 29 November 2021

Termites are a pest that are attracted to rotting, moist wood. They don't care if it's an old decaying tree, moist wood in a woodpile, or the wood on your home. They aren't picky when it comes to rotting wood. They are there to eat and survive, and they will come in hoards to feed off of the rotting wood until there is nothing left, or until you take care of the matter and get rid of them. These pests are not an ideal pest that you want anywhere near your home, especially in your home. If you have a termite problem, you have to take back control of your home. Read on for helpful tips.

Remove Decaying Wood

Just because the decaying wood isn't on your house itself, doesn't mean the termites won't end up at your home later down the road. If you have rotting firewood, a decaying tree, or you have spare wood laying around that is moist and can be used for food for termites, you need to remove it from your home and your yard. The termites will eventually begin to look for a new food source, and the last place you want them to look is on your house. Get rid of the termites by getting rid of their food source altogether, even if it isn't on your home necessarily. Rotting wood can attract other pests as well, so it's best to remove it altogether.

Replace Rotting Wood

If you do in fact have rotting wood on your home, it's time to do some home repairs and remove the rotting wood. This wood is what these pests feed off of, so remove it and repair your home. Repairing your home will help with other issues as well, including water damage and mold, so it's a win-win to repair your house as needed. If you have rotting wood, or moisture coming in from anywhere that could potentially attract termites, make the necessary repairs.

Spray The Termites

If you can physically see the termites, use a pesticide spray to kill these pests. Kill any that you can physically see and get rid of at least some of the population this way. You can also spray their tunnels, although if they are airborne and flying about, it's best not to try and spray them in the air. You'll only waste your pesticide. Spray them when they are feeding on your home, or spray them when crawling on the ground. 

If you have a termite problem, hire a professional pest control specialist to take care of this issue for you and get control of your home back. Call a pest control company today.

For more information on termite control, contact a company near you.