Control Termites To Keep Them Out Of Your House

Posted on: 23 March 2023

Termites can be a very destructive pest to have in your house. Part of what makes them so destructive is that you only know the termites are in your house once there is a lot of damage. You also only know how bad the damage is once you look for it because it is all hidden inside the wood of your home. Everything looks fine because the damage is all inside the wood.

This is why you must hire an exterminator to help protect your house and keep termites from moving in. The exterminator has different methods they can use to control an existing infestation as well as keep termites from coming in and infesting your house at all. 

Barrier Treatment 

One method the exterminator can use is to create a chemical barrier around your home. They will do that by treating the soil around your house and using some treatments inside your home. Treating the ground will help keep termites from coming in while treating inside your home will help eliminate the termites already in your house.

An example of something the exterminator might use inside your home is a termiticide delivered as a foam. The benefit of using foam is that it will penetrate all the tunnels, nooks, and crannies where the termites live. The foam is pressurized, so when it first comes out of the container, it is just a thin amount of product, but when it is out of the container, it will start to expand and grow, which forces it into the tunnels. All that expansion has to go somewhere, and since the sides of the tunnels constrict outward growth, it has to go forward. 

Bait Stations

Bait stations contain a termiticide that is very attractive to termites. They will go to the station, eat the bait, and return it to their nest. That will help eliminate the termites at the source, keeping them from getting into your house. These stations are usually put underground or at ground level away from your house. You want to avoid anything that might attract the termites too close to your home. 

Termites can be a huge problem. The best way to control an infestation is to ensure one never gets started. An exterminator has several methods they can use to help keep an infestation from happening and to get rid of one that is already in your house. 

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