5 Signs You Have A Hidden Wasp Nest On Your Property

Posted on: 13 June 2023

One of the worst summertime pests is the wasp, especially the yellow jacket variety of wasp. If a wasp queen manages to establish a colony on your property, you may soon encounter wasps at every turn. The best thing to do if you have a wasp nest on your property is to hire a pest removal firm. But wasp nests often aren't visible.

In early spring, wasp queens establish their colonies in areas where resources and food are abundant. If your property has plenty of water, wood or paper, and insects, it is a prime location for a wasp nest. But wasp queens build their nests in locations that predators cannot reach easily. 

If you suspect you have a wasp nest on your property, check for the following signs.

1. Wasps in large numbers

Once a wasp nest is big enough, worker wasps will leave the nest regularly. Wasps leave their nests to gather food, such as insects, to feed the young wasps and the wasp queen. And some workers will leave the nest to harvest wood to continue building the nest throughout the summer. So even if you can't see a visible nest on your property, if you see a steady stream of wasps coming to and fro, a nest may be nearby.

2. Wasps harvesting wood on your property

Wasps, such as yellow jackets, harvest wood to build their nest from nearby locations. If you keep seeing wasps crawling over wooden structures, such as wooden fences and wooden furniture on your property, there is probably a wasp nest nearby.

3. Clicking, scraping, and buzzing sounds

The most obvious sign of wasps inside a wall or cavity is buzzing. But you may also hear clicking and scraping sounds, which are the sounds of wasps building their nest with the wood they have harvested.

4. Wasps appearing in your home frequently

During the summer, it is quite common to see the occasional wasp entering your home via an open window or door. But if you keep seeing wasps flying around your home, especially when your windows and doors are closed, a wasp nest may be somewhere nearby, inside your home.

5. Visible wasp nests

If you see one or more structures that appear to be made of paper, then you have at least one wasp colony on your property. If you find the nest in early summer, hire a pest controller to remove it as soon as possible because the nest will grow larger.

If you have noticed these signs of a wasp nest on your property, hire a pest removal service to remove the nest and the wasps. In late summer, yellow jackets become aggressive, as their food sources dwindle. The best time to remove a wasp nest from your property is early summer.

Reach out to a local pest removal service to learn more.